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  The Weslake Workbench
  Year Machine Detail
  1974 Prototype The first ever Complete Weslake.
  197? Weslake 250 The Antig Mounted 250cc Weslake.
  197? OHV 5v Otto Lantenhammer first ever 5-valver.
  197? SOHC 5v The BVR SOHC 5 Valve Weslake engine.
  1977 Weslake OHV Roy Young's OHV 2-valver.
  1979 WeslakeSOHC The Manual for the SOHC Engine
  1975 SOHC Special The special with electronic ignition.
  1979 WeslakeDOHC The Weslake DOHC Four valve
  1975 Weslake Mk 4 Alan Grahame's Mk4 Weslake
  1979 Weslake Mk 5  The latest of the Weslakes
  1982 Weslake  The New Prototype with fixed Bearing
  1983 Weslake The Otto Lantenhammer Weslake 

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