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Wex Carburettors

  Wex Carburettor on Brough Superior
Wex Carburettor on Brough Superior

Brief History of the Marque: Wex

1918: Harry Weslake is granted the patent on the Wex carburettor.

Wex carburettors were used on numerous machines including Brough Superior, Aston, McKenzie,

Sources: Various

Tue Apr 19 2016
Uli-cl at
WEX carburetor

Hi there
I am looking for a hi res image of a WEX carburetor, see
to go with an article in a book project of mine and wondered if you could help with this. Naturally credits will be given for the image
Looking forward to your reply
Best regards
Uli Cloesen
New Zealand

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