European Motorcycles

Gyllene Hjulet (Golden Wheel) Motorcycle Museum, Sweden

"Motorcycle history in its most noble form"

Bruksgatan, Surahammar, Sweden

Website: mcmuseum.se
Facebook: Gyllene-Hjulet

The museum in Mälardalen has some 120 motorcycles including motocross and mopeds, and is the work of a Swedish motorcycle club.

On display are Vincent, AJS 7R and Excelsior Manxman from Great Britain; Husqvarna roadracers and motocross; masses of memorablilia and history; ice racing machines; a Crescent DKW enduro; a beautiful DKW racing machine;

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Anderson Stands
Anderson Stands
Motorcycle Stands and Workshop Lifts for Sports Bikes and Cruisers
Front and rear stands, single side swingarm stands, workbenches...