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A Brief History of the Marque

In 1888 Archibald Barr and William Stroud began their association, forming the Barr & Stroud company of Glasgow in 1913.

Tested successfully in 1919, the first Barr and Stroud sleeve-valve engines were made available to the motorcycle trade in November 1921, initially as a 349cc and later in 499cc single and 998cc V-twin configurations.

Barr & Stroud 1919 article

They tended to be more expensive than those of most other manufacturers, and were regarded as somewhat unconventional.

Engine manufacture ceased in 1927. The company produced somewhat fewer than 2000 motorcycle engines, the majority being of 350cc capacity.

The 1923 Grindlay-Peerless ran a 350cc Barr & Stroud engine, as did many other marques of the day. For 1924, Grindlay also used Barr & Stroud 500cc singles and 998cc 8 h.p. v-twins.

Manufacturers using Barr & Stroud engines included:

In 1977 Pilkington PLC acquired Barr & Stroud, and in 2000 Thomson-CSF completed its acquisition of Pilkington Optronics. That same year, Thomson-CSF Racal PLC became Thales PLC, a corporation with development of the UK's future Aircraft Carriers.

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