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    A Brief History of the Marque

    Manufactured: 1982

    Established in the late sixties using the brand Moto Bimm, the firm specialized in the production of sports motorcycles using Minarelli engines.

    In 1969, following an agreement with the brothers Gori, they displayed off-road machines at the Milan Show to some acclaim.

    In 1979, they assumed the name Bimotor.

    In the early eighties, the factory based in Montemurlo (Florence), is still dedicated to the production of motorcycles, of which the most significant models are the V/1 TSK and Billo (Minarelli), the City, the Soul, the Fiesta, the Baby Trial, Cross Code and Cross Competition.

    Some engines had a chrome barrel and a six-speed gearbox, and others a Minarelli P6 with an output of 12.5 hp at 12000 rpm.

    Models include the 1983 Bimotor 33 Cross Competiizione.

    See also Moto Gori

    Sources: MC Storico Conti et al

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