Cazenave Motorcycles

Cazenave Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1950 to 1958

Ets Cazenave, Belin (Gironde)

Cyclemotors and motorcycles built in Belin, Gironde from 1950 to 1958. In 1964 the firm acquired the VAP and Paloma marques. They also built small motorcycles in the 1920s.

1950s models were powered by Ultima, Ydral and Villiers engines.

There are many examples extant, including one at the musee de Montjean sur Loire

Cazenave, "The French brand of international quality"

Cazenave Models

Model n° 35 49cc
Model n° 38
Model n° 48
Model n° 49 49cc c1954
Model Velovap
Model n° 310 48cc
Model n° 320
Model n° 321
Model n° 410
Model n° 415
Model n° 420
Model n° 421
Model n° 422
Model n° 424
Model n° 425
Model n° 426
Model n° 541
Model n° 542 48cc c1954
Model n° 543
Model n° 545
Model n° 546
Model n° 410 (v2)48cc
Model n° 411
Model n° 421 (v2)
Model n° 421 c
Model n° 422 (v2)
Model n° 431
Model n° 48-50
Model n° 48-60
Model n° 48-76
Model n° 57-33
Model n° 60-33
Peggy SP
Super Peggy SP
Model n° 222
Model n° 225
Model n° 230
Model n° 245 Allegro
Model n° 246
Model n° 250
Model n° 275
Model n° 275 V
Model n° 276
Model n° 276 V
Model n° 600
Model n° 605 Bélina
Model n° 610 Bélina
Super Bélina
Model n° 710
Model n° 712
Model n° 715
Model n° 720
Model n° 730
Model n° 732
Model n° 735
Model n° 810
Model n° 811
Model n° 850
Model n° 740
Model n° 745
Model n° 755 200cc

Sources: ultimalyon.jpcor.fr/cazenave-p1.htm, club-ydral.net, Cyclememory.org

Wed Jun 22 2016
toal_sean at hotmail.com
Cazenave moped moped 54

great site. Do you know where I can enquire about Cazenave restoration or spares. In particular I need a rear mudguard.

Tue Jul 26 2011
Any parts information
cazenave 1957 1958
Any help in restoring?

Fri Feb 23 2007
ken.rimell at btopenworld.com [bounced]
Informaation Casenave
Where can I find details of a Casenave Moped
history and information
Looking for info/history on the Casenave Mopeds made in Paris.

Tres rare velomoteur cazenave modele 1957, 1958. Dans son jus d'origine, mais a ete entierement demonte et nettoye, peinture d'origine. Moteur vap 48cc, allumage ok, 2 pneus neufs (60€). Fonctionne tres bien, moteur,frein..

Translation: Very rare velomotor cazenave model 1957, 1958. In its juice of origin, but ete entirely has demonte and nettoye, painting of origin. Engine new vap 48cc, lighting ok, 2 tires (60?). Function very well, engine, brake.


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