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DFR Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Neuilly au 188 avenue de Neuilly.

First machines presented at the 1920 Paris Moto Revue were 250 cc and 350 cc models with two-stroke engines from Emile Train.

1921 saw considerable competition success.

By 1922, a "moto-baby" model was added. This was a kit bike, with optional extras provided in a separate package to avoid taxes. These options included tyres and saddle.

The 1924 range switched from Train engines to DFR-branded two-strokes.

In 1926 the firm became associated with Henri Dresch and included a Voisin 350cc.

1929 saw the range of four models; two with DFR two-strokes and two with MAG engines, a 250cc and a 350cc, which are problematical. The company moved to Vouillé street Paris 15.

In 1932 Pierre de Font-Réaulx left the company to create his own marque, the DAX.

By 1934 only one model remained, a 350cc DFR-powered machine.

Sources: motosdfr.free.fr

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