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A Brief History of the Marque

Italemmezeta was the predecessor of Italjet, a firm established in 1958 by Leopoldo Tartarini, son of Egisto Tartarini, an Italian racer. Early machines employed MZ engines.
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Years ago, a neighbor gave us a moped he had sitting behind his garage. It had been given to him, and he had no information about it, what is was, or if it even ran. He knew we were into motorcycles, so thought he would add to our list of projects.

Luckily, the engine is in perfect condition, and the bike starts with little effort. The chassis is intact, with the exception of a missing throttle assemby, and the chrome bits are rusted beyond repair. It even has the original toolkit inside the toolbox.

All of the emblems have been removed, but from the sun fade in the paint on the tank, you can see that the emblem there read "Baby Italemmezeta". The emblem on the front fender is still partially there, and we are 95% certain that this read "Italjet", however there seems to be an extra letter after the "Ital" part. It is only half there, but looks to be an "o" or maybe another vowel.

This logo is the closest we can find to what this sticker is supposed to be.

What is an Italemmezeta?
Searching the Web, I have only found a handful of sites that even mention the word "Italemmezeta" and only a fraction of these have content or photos. Most of those sites are also requesting more information. I will add to as information comes in?complete with bibliography.

If you have any further information on this moped, Italemmezeta, or the history of Italjet, please mail me.

Italemmezeta Timeline
Italemmezeta: 1958-66 (Italy)
Italjet: 1966-present (Italy) (1)

Leopoldo Tartarini
Leopoldo Tartarini, son of Egisto Tartarini, an Italian racer, established 1957 a motorcycle factory. One can designate this step almost as unavoidable because to Tartarinis circle of friends included some motorcycle World Champions. As 20-more year-old, he had won the racing Mailand - Taranto in the Seitenwagenklasse on a machine, that he himself had sketched and had equipped with a 650 ccm-BSA-Zweizylindermotor. It later won a year in the Motogiro d' Italia on a Benelli 125 and became on the stretch Mailand - Taranto third in the Gesamtwertung. It won 1954 in the endorsement d' Italia. Until 1957, it took yet repeatedly successfully part at racing.

Tartarini, that was frequently storm become of other racers, to construct or to improve for it of motorcycle, abandoned the Rennsport and dedicated itself to the Serienproduktion of Motorradrahmen. Result of the indefatigable activity of Tartarini was first the firm Italemmezeta in which MZ-motors with 125 and 175 ccm Hubraum in frames developed by Tartarini einbebaut became.

The firm Italjet with seat in San Lassaro emerged 1961 the Saveno in Bologna where Tartarini began to use motor of FN-Minarelli and Sachs for its machine. Especially interesting models were the Grifo 650 of 1967 and the Tarbo-models of 1968. For the Grifo, Tartarini selected the triumph-Bonneville-motor with two cylinders and 650 ccm Hubraum. Of Ducati, Tartarini received developed the order, that of the engineer Taglioni Zweizylinder-V-models "einzukleiden". Also in the production of the Ducati 500, Italjet and Ducati collaborated. The Ducati-motors were sent to Italjet and were mounted there in Italjet-frame.

The manufacture of the "real" Italjet-models began with a tiny motorcycle, the minuses-Bambino with respect-customs-tire, a Zweitaktmotor of Franco Morini, Einganggetriebe, automatic coupling, an achievement of 1.3 HP and a weight of 26 kg. The first larger machine was the Junior Cross Automatic whose Franco-Morini-motor with 50 ccm Hubraum developed an achievement of 5.5 HP in 8'000 RPM.

For young Moto-Cross-pilots conceived the work Competition CX super the Cross 50 with a Vierganggetriebe and the Grand Prix CX 50 R whose motor controlled a cylinder out of a Leichtmetalllegierung and performed 5.5 HP in 8'500 RPM. As an export-model, the CX was determined 80 R with a Minarelli-motor and 13 HP in 10'500 RPM. After this model, the CX 100, that be thought as a Gel?ndesportmaschine for youth from 11 to 13 years, appeared. A pearl under the Gel?ndemodellen was that 125 for 13- until 16-j?hrige, that were produced as a competition-machine only in restricted amount. Worth mentioning also the Coyote 125 with 19 HP achievements and the Buccaneer with a 125 ccm-Zweizylindermotor of Yamaha are.

In the 80er-Jahren sat down the production of Italjet with different other models: the Trial-motorcycles T 50 and T 100, the Scott 350 (19 HP in 6'250 RPM), the T 350 Piuma (20 HP in 5'500 RPM), the Strassenmotorrad Roadmaster 350 (28 HP in 8'250 RPM), the Gel?ndemodell Boss 350 and the collapsible motorscooter packs 2. the Strassenmaschine CX 350, the H followed & H 350 Transafrica, the Skipper125 with little respect-customs-wheels and an achievement of 13 HP in 10'000 RPM, the Mofa Tiffany and finally the Dreir?der ranks 125 and Rambo 330.

In the 90er-Jahren, Italjet stretches first of all out of the Motorradgesch?ft and construct only yet scooter. Italjet is end of this decade the first sign which one 125 cc Zweizylinder scooter that Formula 125 present. Also the Achsschenkellenkungen are lend a Novum in the Rollerbereich which Italjet its scooter Formula 50 and Formula 125.

The import contract of the firm Cilo with Italjet runs to end 2000 from middle 2001, all Italjet-models are imported by the firm Moto-World into Switzerland. Therewith also that are do not import until anhin vehicle as well as about the Dragster in 125 and 180 ccm or the torpedoes 50 and the brand-new Jupiter 250 from ca. August 2001 in Switzerland available.

Tartatini continued 3

The Italian motorcycle motorradschmiede became 40 years young in the year 2000. 40 years, in which that proved now 66 year old head of the company Leopoldo Tartarini again and again its excellent feeling for coming trends And to 40. Anniversary of the company presented the company well-known for fashionable scooters after longer time again a " correct " motorcycle. The Grifon 900 with 3-Zylinder-Triumph-Motor! Engine selection and also the name seem to be a Huldigung to before thirty years the about 600 times built Grifon 650 with triumph Bonneville engine which was sold between 67 and 71 exclusively in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Leopoldo Tartarini, also " Poldino " called started 1952 a promising running driver career as 19 of year old ones for the time being on a sidecar machine, i.e. a self-'s building with BSA engine. Thus it struck the favored native teams of Moto Guzzi or Gilera for example also when legendary long-distance running Milano Taranto.

1954 resisted Poldino a supply of Conte Agusta, which offered to it a workstation in the Agusta Werksteam. When desired its nut/mother should itself Poldino increased around the family business - its father had deceased Moto Guzzi dealer in Bologna and 1951, cares. 1959 created Tartarini beside the Benelli -, Guzzi and Ducati trade then its first own motorcycle label: Italemmezeta, developed from ItalMZ. In East Germany Tartarini had found an engine, with which its own economical production could be drawn up, the 12?r MZ Zweitakter. In the first year already 300 machines left the workshops, some of it as junior port version with Dell'Orto carburetors and own service sections.

Starting from 1961 then Tartarini the flourishing 50 ccm used market. With own chassis and Minarelli engine brought to Tartarini beautiful 50's on the market, for which a new name was looked up and found: Italjet.

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An update
December 2003: Through the Moped Army, I was able to find a man in Sicily that has parts for my moped!!! Now I just have to get employeed again so I can continue with this restoration. Some one HIRE ME! I have projects to do!

If you have a query about Italemmezeta motorcycles, or have some information to add about these classic Italian machines, please contact us

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