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Marot-Gardon 1898

Marot-Gardon 1898

Marot Gardon

The Marot-Gardon was a French automobile manufactured between 1899 and 1904.

The company, based in Corbie, began with the manufacture of racing tricycles, but by 1900 had progressed to the construction of a single-cylinder 3 hp Voiturette.

1900 Increased to 4.5 hp

1900 Agents were William H. M. Burgess

1901 Produced a two-seater 6 hp chain-drive model and a 7 hp racing Voiturette

Photo: c1898. Tricycle, Single-cylinder, 1.25 hp. Reg No: BF 5218. Photo at the 2012 LBVCR.

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