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A Brief History of the Marque

Founded by Georges Martin, Moto Martin is a French engineering company known for its motosport inspired or Café racer style racing frame kits for motorcycles. The original Moto Martin frame designs were based on the work of Fritz Egli. The company also manufactured its own wheels, body kits and, later, kitcars.

Georges Martin focussed on building kit bikes at a time when many riders in Europe couldn't afford to build their own modified motorcycles. One model is known as a KZ900 Turbo. Cycle World in 1987 stated that "Moto Martin's products have a reputation for high-quality construction that places them above the level of most other frame manufacturers." Moto Martin motorcycles have been compared to the likes of Bimota, Harris, Nico Bakker, and Honda RGB.

Sources: Wikipedia, Correspondence

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