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A Brief History of the Marque

Motoesa, Lda. of Borralha in Agueda was part of EFS, Lda and used primarily Puch engines.

EFS was established in 1911 by Eurico Ferreira Sucena in Borralha, Agueda, producing cycling accessories.
In 1939 the first complete bicycles were manufactured by EFS.
In 1952 they began motorcycle production.
The 60's were kind to the firm, and it commenced exporting to some European, American and Asian countries.
In 1974 a new factory was established in Avelas de Caminho (Anadia), and in 1978 they revealed a 125cc 2-stroke motorcycle with a Puch engine.
EFS used engines from from Casal, Zundapp, Sachs, Puch, Kreidler and possibly others.
In the 1980s EFS suffered financial woes and closed.

Motoesa Models include:
Motoesa Puch MINI
Motoesa Puch MAXI MINI
Motoesa 101 M
Motoesa SUPER GT
Motoesa 220 M (Announced March 1964)
Motoesa 220 M Sport
Motoesa 220 M Turismo
Motoesa Formula 1
Motoesa SPORT
Motoesa W 50

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