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Panther Motorcycles of Germany

A Brief History of the Marque
Pantherwerke AG
Manufactured mid-1930s-1963
According to Tragatsch this small German factory built two-stroke lightweights powered by 73cc & 98cc ILO and Sachs engines prior to WWII, and subsequently produced a wide range of machines including 32cc and 48cc mopeds and Sachs-powered motorcycles of up to 174cc. Some models were offered in Britain rebranded as Leopard Bobby which came in three models, the Mk3, Mk5 & Mk6. In 1953 they acquired the Anker marque and nearly identical mopeds were sold under both brands.

An interesting scooter-like prototype was built in the early 1950s, powered by a 200cc JLO engine. It did not achieve production.

There is an excellent article on the Leopard mopeds at the Moped Archive

Pantherwerke AG is unrelated to P&M Panther


Sat Mar 29 2008
bobbielama at yahoo dot com
Pantherwerke KS 150
Came across this motorbike in a garage in Hanoi, Vietnam. Not sure what model Panther it is...anyone have any ideas what it is for sure?

Mon Feb 12 2007
msuvb at t-online.de
German Panther
Panther Germany
hi again,
attached the correct logo for the german brand and a pic of a twostroke 175 cc bike.

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