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Brief History of the Marque: Panther
Pantherwerke AG
According to Tragatsch this small German factory built two-stroke lightweights powered by 73cc & 98cc ILO and Sachs engines prior to WWII, and subsequently produced a wide range of machines including 32cc and 48cc mopeds and Sachs-powered motorcycles of up to 174cc. Some models were offered in Britain rebranded as Leopard Bobby which came in three models, the Mk3, Mk5 & Mk6. In 1953 they acquired the Anker marque.


There is an excellent article on the Leopard mopeds at the Moped Archive

Sat Mar 29 2008
Pantherwerke KS 150
Came across this motorbike in a garage in Hanoi, Vietnam. Not sure what model Panther it is...anyone have any ideas what it is for sure?


Mon Feb 12 2007
msuvb at
German Panther
Panther Germany
hi again,
attached the correct logo for the german brand and a pic of a twostroke 175 cc bike.


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