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Tue Apr 29 2014
saudan at skynet.be
Royal-Nord sport 1963
Je souhaiterais connaitre la valeur de revente d'un cadre moto Royal-Nord de 1963. Cordialement.

Royal-Nord-1963-Sport-BE-1.jpg will be posted-1405

Fri Feb 01 2013
Recherche  un vélomoteur
oui Polaris 50cc
Je recherche un vélomoteur  Royal Nord type Polaris 50 cc à restaurer

Fri Jul 22 2011
alexis.desneux<at>gmaildot com
Royal Nord
Do you have any info for this tandem ? I think it's 1946 but I'm not 100 % sure.
Royal-Nord-Tandem-BE.jpg posted 1108

Fri Jun 11 2010
simonlaure<at>hotmaildot com
combien vaut ?
moto Royal Nord 250 cm3 de 1959
combien vaudrait cette moto?

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Thu Jan 21 2010
janvloet at live.nl

royal nord all
Searching all models of ROYAL NORD pay best price
contact Jan Vloet 0031-655-520-502


Sat, 09 Jun 2007
subject: royal nord
 prins.bart at telenet.be
message: I need info en picture from a BELGIUM ROYAL NORD with MAICOLETTA engine
on this site you find pic's
can you help me

Sat Mar 17 2007
serge.muoz at neuf.fr [bounced]
je possede une royal nord je desire la mettre en vente c est une super vedette de 1960 et ou trouver une revue technique merci

Robotrans:  possede a royal north I desire to put it on sale C is a super high-speed motorboat of 1960 and or to find a review technical

Sun May 14 2006
verber190882 at hotmaildot com

royal nord super vedette
j'herité de cette moto, celci est a restaurée. Que pourrai t elle valoire? Et ou pourrai je trouver des personnes interresée?

D avance je vous remercie

Mr veriter
mons (belgique)

Robotrans: I j'herité of this bike, celci is restored. What will be able t she be worth?  And or will be able I to find persons interresée? For valuations, try our page of classic motorcycle price resources

desole pour le retard de reponce mais je viens juste d avoire l opportunité d envoyer des photos... elle est evidement a restaurer.Si vous savez me dire ce que vous pourriez en donner?

Robotrans: afflicted for the delay of reponce but I come right D avoire L advisability D of sending photographs… it is cavity has to restore. If you can say to me what you could give?

Royal Nord Super Vedette rhs.jpg
Royal Nord Super Vedette rhs

Thu Dec 29 2005
m.l.jens at planet.nl
Royal Nord

I would like you to know, that there is a Royal Nord Bromfiets Club since august 1987.This club has members in Holland and Belgium. At this moment I'm the secretary of this club.People who are interested can reach me at my e-mail address.

Kindest regards,
Mr. M.L. Jens

Tue Nov 01 2005
jimmy.de.cree at pandora.be
royal nord polaris
these 2 photos are both royal nord polaris(es) the restored one is mine and the other is still in original mint condition owned by a friend of mine

greetings, jimmy

Royal Nord Polaris.jpg
Royal Nord Polaris

August 2005
Some "Royal Nord" images
Michaël Reyntjens

Royal Nord 1960.jpg
Royal Nord 1960
Royal Nord 1965.jpg
Royal Nord 1965

jimmy.de.cree at pandora.be
royal nord
Hi Sheldon these are 2 more pictures royal nord both are mine the green one is an Grand tourisme (GT) from 1963 the white one an polaris from 1967

Royal Norde Grand Tourisme 1963.jpg
Royal Norde Grand Tourisme 1963

December 11, 2002
Hi Sheldon,
In the section of Belgian motorcycles there is one brand that is not mentioned and it's considered by the enthusiasts as the Belgian Number One :

Find enclosed 4 pictures from the 1966 factory brochure. All four are 50cc little beauties

Hope this is of any help. --  Best regards  --  Ton van de Rijt  --  Netherlands  --  tonton at home.nl

Royal Nord 1966 50cc 3.jpg
Royal Nord 1966 50cc
Royal Nord 1966 50cc 4.jpg
Royal Nord 1966 50cc
Royal Nord 1966 50cc.jpg
Royal Nord 1966 50cc

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