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Torrot Models include: 
Torrot Grand Cross '76 49cc:
Torrot Panther '74 49cc
TorroT City moped c1978
TorroT Maxi 50
Torrot Turismo 49cc Vitoria

Sun Mar 30 2014
marklister59 at yaho.com
parts manual
torrot turismo
looking for a repair manual for a turismo specifically engine 49cc

Thu Jul 02 2009
Torrot Turismo Turismo
Do you know of anyone who can supply Engine Friction Shoes for the above.

Thank you for your reply re: Terrot. Spain from 1960 produced mopeds called Torrot which was originally Terrot in Digeon France from 1901 - 1960. The model I have is a 1973 Torrot Turismo 49cc Vitoria engine. What I need is the friction shoes for the engine and both sides change covers.

I appreciate your help in this.

Several interesting images here:
and here:
TorroT Grand Cross '76

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