Italian Motorcycles

Valenti Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1978-*

Company based in Lissone (Milan) which specialized in motocross bikes.

In the 1980s production included 80cc models VE, VX and VX LF, the LF having a light alloy frame.

Other models were the 1980 aircooled 125CR and 250CR, and the watercoooled 1984 80RC. These machines were fitted with Honda engines and had conventional telescopic forks and dual shock rear suspension.

There were also 50cc models including the SM50 motocrosser of 2015.

Later machines had inverted forks and modified Ohlins monoshock rear suspension.

Valenti-Suzuki models include:

    RM 125 2011-
    Type: Cross, capacity: 125cc single

    RM-Z 450 E 2005-
    Type: Enduro, capacity: 449cc single

    RME 2008-12
    Type: Enduro, capacity: 125cc single

    RME 50 r 2012-
    Type: Enduro, capacity: 50cc, twin

    RMZ 450 2006-07
    Type: Motard, capacity: 450cc single

    SM 1998-
    Type: Motard, capacity: 125cc single

    SM125 2009-
    Type: Enduro, capacity: 124cc single

Sources: MC Storico Conti et al

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