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Brief History of the Marque: Montgomery Wards Riverside

American firm Montomery Wards sold Motobecane mopeds including AV41, AV78 and AV88 during the 1950s. In the 1960s they rebadged some 125, 175, 250, & 360cc Benelli models as Wards Riverside, along with scooters by Lambretta & Mitsubishi. The 1964 Wards Riverside "Pigeon" is a rebadged Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon, and the 1961 Bianchi Orsetto scooter was also marketed in the United States as a Riverside.

Benelli-based models include:
FFA-14017, 14020 and 14023
FFA-61-14016, 14016B, 14019 is a 125cc 2 stroke, probably a Benelli
FFA-61-14021A is a Benelli 175cc c1957 Giro Sport
FFA-14043, 14047 Benelli Mojave 260cc 

FFA-61-14017 C Benelli 250cc, not Mojave style. At least one in Australia.

FFA-14003 model 450-SS is a Benelli Fireball 49cc twostroke of 40x39mm with a 4 speed gearbox. 

FFA-14002 is a stepthrough with large wheels, rather like a Honda C-50.

Thu Mar 05 2015
jeffnickelson at
Motercycle value
Montgomery Wards Riverside 125 FFA-14016D
I have picked up a Riverside 125cc. It has 6,038 miles, and a "Made in Italy" decal on it. It is in very good shap. Where can I find a value on it.

Mon Feb 03 2014 nicolemcc1 at Manual Benelli - wards riverside FFA-61-14017 C Im trying to track down a manual for this particular bike, if you could help me this would be great. Brisbane
...... Its a 250cc, not a 260 or 350 as per a 'Wards Riverside Mohave'. Thanks for your help, would be good if you could post and see if someone can help out. Its the service manual that's required. Have the parts manual.
Kind regards,

Wards-Riverside-1968c-Benelli-250cc-AU.jpg will be posted-1402

Sun Oct 06 2013
1965 wards riverside fzp14011
Where can i find parts such as a 6 volt coil, tires, seat..ect... for a 65 model fzp 14011 engine 3657150?

Consent y/n: yes
Sun Sep 22 2013
engine overhaul parts
1966 Riverside 125 cc
Where can you buy rod bearings and parts for these

Tue Jun 04 2013
Motorcycle picture
Monterey Ward Riverside 50
This is a picture of me with my Wards Riverside 50. I rode it all over Fremont, CA back in the 1960's. I loved it.

Wards-Riverside-1960s-50cc.jpg will be posted-1306-2

Sun Dec 02 2012
WARDS RIVERSIDE 450-SS FFA-14003-61 B serial# 66
i was wondweing if there still parts for this out there to restore it or if its even worth restoring is there any value in it

Tue Nov 27 2012
parts book
wards riverside
I have a 19966 riverside and need a coil for it and some books
Posted in the Wards Riverside forum

Thu Nov 01 2012
Wards Riverside Year
Wards Riverside Model FFA-61-14017
Can you please tell me the year of this bike...
Posted in the Wards Riverside forum

Wed Aug 01 2012
type oil?
benelli montgomery ward 1968
I would like to know the type oil i can put into my benelli wards riverside 350.

Mon Sep 03 2012
Frame and engine numbers
Benelli 250 sport
Frame is *9773* and H 0221. Motor is HS*9750* and H 8002. I think this is a 1965 250sport/Wards Riverside with funky plastic tank and seat. Want to return it to a Benelli beauty. She is in a box right now.

Wed Jul 11 2012
Riverside 125-L
I am looking for parts or at the very least an owners manual for this. Please let Me know if anyone has one or info to where I can go to get one.
Thank You

Wed Sep 05 2012
Please Help
Cant Identify cant identify
Cant you please help me identify the Make and Model of this bike
Duluth, Minnesota

The bike is a Wards Riverside Benelli 350 from 1967 or 1968, most likely. Ed.

Sun May 06 2012
Was it made by Benelli?
WardsRiverside FFA61-14021A/175cc
Trying to find out if my bike I am buying is a Benelli

Quoting from
"In 1957 there WERE problems and some "Discrepancy" with the local politico that did have some Manufacturers pulling not only their riders but machines specially made for the race! Among them was Benelli with their 175cc Giro Sport. Many of them ended up badged as the Wards Riverside 175 and ended up in the states. These are the FFA-61-14021 A Model Number. Approximately 2000 of the Giro spec bikes were built in total, it is unknown how many made it to Chicago for Wards as they were essentially Benelli 175cc bikes and identical to the rest. Only weight differences and model numbers separate them."

Wed Apr 04 2012
want to find out what year my  wards moped is
montgomery wards  open road zcj57062d
i would like to find out what year this machine is so i can orer parts

Sun Mar 25 2012
electrical system
wards FFA 61-14020
looking for electrical system

Mon Mar 12 2012
Parts bike
WardsRiverside/Benelli 125cc
Live in Mi. Need to find parts bike

Tue Feb 07 2012
1965 riverside moped
Ward's riverside moped Wards
Do you have any idea how much should I ask for it in good condition. 49cc

Thu Jan 19 2012
Tires for my scooter
montgomery ward 1958 riverside motobecane
Where can I get tires for my scooter?  Have no idea of size.  Only has rims on it now. 59 and 3/4 inches around inside of rim. 1and1/8 inch width inside  of rim. Help?

Tue Oct 11 2011
Riverside Ward
125cc FFA-61-14016c   serial-76
I am trying to found out what year model this bike is. Is there a website that may have this information?

Thu Sep 01 2011
Any help would be apprieciated
Montgomery Ward Riverside
I am trying to find some information on this bike for a friend of mine. The model # is FZP14011. Engine # 3738294. We think it is a 64, but aren't sure. It's a bit rough, and probably incomplete, wondering what it might be worth if anything.


Tue Jun 28 2011

Wed May 11 2011
1964 Benelli 250 Racer
Benelli Wards
I have just brought a 1964 Wards Benelli 250 Racer and would like to know where I can get spares or any help information would be usfull
Cambs UK

Thu Mar 31 2011
Parts for Riverside Scooter
Wards Riverside Pigeon
I have a 1958 Wards Riverside Pigeon scooter. I need a pitcock.  Any ideas where to get one?

Sun Feb 13 2011
Wards Riverside (150P) FFA-61-14018A
looking for parts to restore 150P, and manual if avalable

Fri Jan 07 2011
montgomery ward riverside
hello my name is don fritz and i have a 1959 moped that was purchased from your company way back when and i found it at a yard sale and i was wondering if you could tell me if there is anyone who collects them or if people are looking for them. its model number fzp14011. engine number 4398718. if you could contact me i would really appreciate it or if u could call me cell phone at 661 350 1081
tehachapi ca

Wed Nov 24 2010
riverside saddle bags
riverside accessory
A buddy of mind has a set of riverside leather saddlebags in good condition.What are they worth.
north dakota

Wed Oct 06 2010
i  would  like  to  sell  this  bike.  i  only  want  $300.00  for  it. iam  100  miles  north  of  detroit. 989-673-5624.

It's not a moped. Ed.

Mon Sep 13 2010
finnfive AT
wards wheeled goods
wards scooter ffa-61-14002B
i aquired a wards wheeled goods motor scooter. some where in the 60" model. modelffa-61-14002B serial #66. Has the words ali shaker on handle bars. want to know what year it is and if it is worth any thing. it needs the seat recoverd and the motor dont run but still all there. please any info send to finnfive at
mn ,usa

Wed Sep 08 2010
Need to identify mont. wards motorcycle.
montgomery ward ( benelli?) FFA-14043-86
Cleaning out Dad's building and found this old montgomery wards bike. The model # FFA-14043-86 is all that was found in the short time I had. Can anyone tell me what size and possible year it is? Thanks
Indiana, USA

Thu Jul 29 2010
wards riverside question
wards riverside FFA-14003 Bf
need to know what year this bike is and what it's worth. all original,has only 335 miles on it.

Fri Jul 02 2010
value of ward's riverside 250-d
ward's riverside FFA-61-14001 A
i have a 250-D with an inspection sticker on it for 1965-1966 so we know its at least that old i just want to know a rough estimate on the value of it. The condition is fair and the motor starts and idles so all in all it runs fairly well

Mon Jun 28 2010
Need Year and Parts Source
Wards Riverside Motorcycle 450 SS
I have a 450 SS, model FFA-61-14003A, serial #56. Could someone please tell me the correct year and where I might find a manual and parts as well as any other information?

Tue May 04 2010
i am looking for carburter kit coil maybe gaskits for engine it still turns over it is all complete other then little stuff i need to restore

Sat May 01 2010
For Sale
Wards Riverside Scooter FRI 14013
As I am unable to find body parts for the scooter I am putting the scooter up for sale

Tue Apr 20 2010
voltage regulator aka rectifier
benelli wards riverside
im having trouble locating where the black wire from the emergency bypass switch makes the connection to the regulator it gets df or ground or what
sacramento, ca

Sat Feb 27 2010
wards wheeled goods FFA-61-14001A
I would like to know year and history

Sat Jan 23 2010
riverside mo ped
riverside mo-ped
i have a 1957 or 59  riverside mo-ped trying to find more info on.find value of may be interested in selling

Wed Dec 30 2009
trying to find info on scooter
riverside motor scooter silver pegion by mon wards 14013a
Info on riverside motor scooter silver pigeon moldel 14013a eng 01037 serial# 95y00645

Sun Nov 15 2009
Wards Riverside 125CC Cycle
Wards Riverside FFA-61-14016 B
Could you please tell me what year this bike is? It was made in Chicago. The frame No#16478. Engine # 14709
Serial No# 66. I would appericate any information on this bike.


Sat Mar 14 2009
Ward's Benelli
Benelli Wards
I need help identifying this motorcycle. I have provided the model and SN # for his. What would be an approximate value on this?
Alpena, MI

Sources for pricing classic motorcycles are on the valuations page.

Thu Mar 12 2009
1968 Ward's Riverside Motorcycle
Benelli Riverside
I own a 1968 Benelli Motorcycle. I believe this is what I have. Can you verify from the SN and Model # what this is and what the value would be on this?
Alpena, MI

Limited info  here: serial number information:


Mon Feb 09 2009
Wards Riverside question...
1967 Benelli 450ss
I BELIEVE the motorcycle in my dads shop is a '67 450ss... he said as far as he can recall it's a 1967 Wards Riverside 50cc.. and I don't believe it's a Fireball Scrambler... is there anywhere i can go to see a 450ss, or can you help me figure out what it is? It's in need of some repair, but we used to goof around on it as kids, and I'm interested in fixing it up again!

Wed Jan 14 2009
wards riverside
i'm interested in restoring a 1968 riverside 250i'd like to join the message board to exchange info

Mon Jan 12 2009
wards wheeled goods
riverside ffa-61-14023 b
please looking for information on engine size for this model

Mon Nov 03 2008
need parts
river side ward 1967 125cc ffa-61-14016D
I have this bike i wound like to get it to run. But i need points. I look up benelli bikes, but cound not fined any ? For a 125cc 1967 bike Can i put any points in it.If so what? Thanks
Schenectady, new york

Fri Sep 26 2008
Wards Motorcycle
I unearthed a Wards motorcycle that I am in the process of restoring.  I'm looking for more info on it. All's I have right now is the VIN #. Anyone know where I could  do some more research, enter a VIN & get model #, pictures, etc.?
Milwaukee, WI

Wed Sep 24 2008
Wards Riverside 450 SS FFA-14003 B
Wards Riverside/Benelli 450 SS FFA-14003 B
I can not find any info on this bike anywhere...Can anyone help me?

Fri Sep 19 2008
Montgomery Ward's Vintage Motorcycle
Riverside FFA-61-14001A
I am doing an estate sale in N. California and I beleive this cycl to be a Bellini and am looking for any info on this bike. I have serial # 56. The man beleies it to be from 1946. How would I go about finding more info and value? Thank you

Wed Sep 17 2008
What year please
Montgomery Wards Riverside Moped
I have just bought the Moped of my youth a Montgomery Wards Riverside. Not sure of the year. Its frame number is 188624. The Engine number is 255113 and the tag on the frame says its model # FFA-61-14001 A and Serial 56. Says 250 D on the sides of the rear fenders. I would like to find a exploded view of the engine and any other info like articles, advertisments. Leads on parts would be nice too.


Fri Sep 12 2008
benelli riverside numbers
riverside 125 ffa 14016b
I have  a riverside that I am working on, and i was wondering if you have any information about what the benelli model number might be for the same cycle, if there is such a thing. Thanks a lot

Fri Sep 05 2008
montgomery ward (benelli) 125
This bike is going to be sold at auction in arkansas in october. The bike really is in nice shape. You may see it at we would be glad to answer any questions you may have

Tue Aug 26 2008
year and value
wards riverside FFA-14016 B
I Was wanting to know the year and possibly value of this motorcycle it is in good shape starts and runs
Michigan USA

Sources for pricing classic motorcycles are on the valuations page.

Fri Aug 22 2008
wards riverside 369 mojave
wards riverside mojave 360 srambler
i believe i own a wards riverside 360 mojave do you know where i can get info,pictures serial # identification etc. ?

Wed Aug 06 2008
finding parts
wards riverside 125
can parts be found for this bike and if so where?

Fri Jan 04 2008
wards wheel goods&FFA-61-14020 A #76
I would like to know what the year &cc it is if possible. Iwas given the bike by my grandfather years ago. I can send pic if needed. THANK YOU
n.y. USA

Sat Dec 01 2007
Bike for sale
Wards Riverside
Can I load up details on a Wards Riverside I have for sale ?
All the details are here on my own web site -

Thanks .. ray


subject: benelli
Email: kempton33imgmsnimg
message: I have a 125 cc benelli serial no.76 model .ffa 61014016-d wards riverside
can you tell me any thing about it year ????

Sat Sep 01 2007
68'-125-Benelli Wards chain size
Benelli Wards
I am treying to find replacement chain for 68' Benelli Wards 125. Also does anyone know the chain size for these?
Appreciate the help!

Fri Aug 31 2007
Montgomery Wards Riverside 250
Wards Riverside 250 !968
I have a 1968 Montgomery wards Riverside 250 I was just wandering about waht it was worth I had it running a few years back and it is in pretty good shape for its age still has original paint a little scratched up punt in pretty good shape to be 40 years old. I would greatly appreciate any help thanks

Tue Aug 21 2007
Looking to purchase
360 Benelli Mojave (Wards Riverside)
My brother and I are looking to purchase two Benelli 360 Mojave motorcycles. We are looking for complete bikes that are restorable. Our father owned one in the late 60's, early 70's. We have always loved the look of this bike. We would appreciate any and all help in locating a bike(s). Thank you for any help you can give us.
Albuquerque, N.M.

Sun Jul 29 2007
montgomery ward riverside mo-ped
fmontgomery ward riverside mo-ped  - Model # zp14011
I have two montgomery ward riverside mopeds one with an engine and one without. The engine number is 3736166i9. I was wondering if you could please give me the year and a price of what it may be worth. I am not sure of the year for it does not say anything on the moped about it. I found what I have on your website but it gave no information so I was hoping that you could please give me more. Thank you.

Sources for pricing classic motorcycles are on the valuations page. Ed.

Fri Jul 20 2007
Scooter Identification
mo-ped  Riverside Montgomery Ward model fzp14011
I would like to know year  maker and where to get info on the bike . Motor id 4906713 Serial 88008734 Thanks Steve B
Milwaukee<wisconsin USA

... the 1958 riverside was a model fzp-14007 which was a motobecane model av78.the 1959 riverside was a model fzp-14011 which was a motobecane model av88.

Sat Jun 09 2007
Need to know

Could anyone tell me the make and model of this bike

The bike is a Montgomery Wards Riverside made by Benelli, probably around 1965. If you can supply the engine and frame number and the VIN plate details we may be able to pin down the model. Ed.

Wards Riverside c1965 NV.jpg
Wards Riverside c1965 NV

Thu Jun 07 2007
I have a wards riverside
I wood like too sale parts one massege you had on your borad they were looking for front forks for one
iola kansas

Fri May 25 2007
for sale
montgomery ward 125 riverside
this bike is for sale on ebay auction [bobl1965] any questions feel free to e mail me at.

Wed May 23 2007
69 mw riverside
I recently purchased a 69 wards riverside and im would like to find a manual for it.If anyone has any info please contact me.

Wards Riverside 1966 Benelli Vegas 3.jpg
Wards Riverside 1966 Benelli Vegas 3

Thu May 03 2007
"Wards" Benelli 50c
50cc / unknown
I started my addiction to riding in the early 60's with a 50cc Wards Riverside. It had a long rectangularish tank, silver tank with wide black center stripe. It was good for about 40 mph at top end on a level paved road no wind...but spent a couple summers, from sun up to sun down riding trails/fields and the like.

I recognized the 125cc and 250 sizes on photos on this site but saw no mention of the one I had. I still think I might have an original manual in storage.

It would be fun for nostalgia to know if anyone has any info they would care to share.
Midwestern State

Sat Apr 21 2007
parts substitution
wards riverside
i was wondering if there was any other type of front forks that would fit a wards riverside because i can not find a replacement and i was wondering if i could possibly make a substitution with some other brand of motorcycle (ex. yamaha honda etc.)
New York

[The bike is a smaller Benelli type. Ed.]

Fri Jan 05 2007

I have montgomery Wards parts/ build manual. 125cc. Also have running bike... anybody in California got one? Would love to swap info!
Los Angeles
 It may not look like much... but it runs like a champ!

Wards Riverside 125cc LA.jpg
Wards Riverside 125cc LA

Sun Nov 26 2006
1969 Mojave 360
Can anybody help me with the methodology to time this bike? Do I need a TDC Finder and a Degree Wheel? I just acquired a beautiful 69 360 Mojave which runs but I want to check things out before I drive it much. Thanks so much for your time

Benelli Mojave 360 1969.jpg
Benelli Mojave 360 1969

Feb 2008
I have had my email address changed from to I have tried to get in and change my email address on the posting but I cannot. Is it possible for you to change it or could I repost this with my new address. I have corresponded with people all over the world about this bike and it has been so much fun. Sheldon's EMU is a great site and thanks for taking the time to keep it up.

Jeffory Schiebel

Sun Dec 24 2006
Riverside scooter
Where would I begin to start to fix one of these up that my dad currently has?
Can you help please?
This is a riverside scooter made by Montgomery Ward and is a 125cc. I have some pix that arent that good as far as the quality goes but they are better than nothing is the way I look at it. Hope this helps.
Ok great! Should I just get online and start looking or should is there a certain store you'd recommend. I want to start off by looking at the parts and getting an idea of how much it will cost to get this thing running myself and then I'm thinking about sending it off (what I have)
and having it restored and just paying the $$$$!!!!
Let me know what you think......

Don't want to prick your balloon, Shannon, but I suspect you could buy two quite nice Lambrettas for the money it would cost you to have that one restored.

Riverside Lambretta 125 03.jpg
Riverside Lambretta 125

Tue Dec 12 2006
montgomery wards
t777 terrainn bike
any information
warren, mich

Sat Nov 11 2006
Wards Riverside  125cc lightweight
Wards Riverside 125 Lightweight 1969 model # FFA-14016B
Bike runs and is in good condition all original parts. How much would it be worth
California, USA

Sources for pricing classic motorcycles are on the valuations page. Ed.

Sun Nov 05 2006
wards benelli  360 mojave
looking for a shop manual any help would be appreciated. i can downloadif one is available  thank you

Sun Oct 29 2006
Wards Riverside Motorcycle Manual
1966 Wards Riverside Series 1125L Model #FFA-51-14016-B
Looking for Manual for my 1966 Wards Riverside Motorcycle.
Garden Grove, California

Sun Oct 15 2006
58 benelli
montgomery ward
I would like to know how much this bike is worth I would like to buy one that is for sale thank you

Sat Oct 07 2006
Riverside 175
Benelli 175 model 76 on vin
I have recently aquired a Riverside 175.The bike is complete and 100 percent original. I wanted to get a little info about it.Actually, I'd like to know the year. I think it is a 1961 but I'm not sure.Here is the vin FFA-61-14021 A. Any info is appreciated.Thanks.

Wards Riverside 175 Model 76 1.jpg
Wards Riverside 175 Model 76

Thu Oct 05 2006
the dusty basket case I was given
Wards Wheeled Goods Model #66
Is there a way to trce the #s on this old motorless cycle? It's got some cool parts I could intergrate onto something else, But if I could make a few bucks and avoid chopping it up, Why not?

Sun Sep 17 2006
wards service manuals
350  360  singles
Hi , i saw your need for service manuals for wards riverside bikes. i used to have a lot of 350 & 360 singles. i playe d with them for a few years in the early 70s. i gave sold them all because i couldnt own bsa and wards so i opted to keep the bsa's. i still have the owners and service manuals for them. if i can be of help let me know. maybe i could post them all for everyone to use. let me know. berry
north fork california

Many thanks for the offer, Berry. If you have scans of the manuals I'd be happy to post them on the site. Ed.

Sun Sep 17 2006
What is it???
In fenced in area and get to it to read serial number etc.

The bike is a Wards Riverside Mojave of about 1968 vintage. Ed.

Wards Riverside Mojave TX.jpg
Wards Riverside Mojave TX

Sun Sep 10 2006
1968 benelli (wards) mojave
lookimg for a right hand side cover

Wed Aug 23 2006
wards 360 mojave
benelli  mojave
anyone have a shop manual for this?  bike

Sat Aug 19 2006
1962 wards riverside sport bike ffa-14003 b
would like to know the value of this motorcycle
it,s a 450-ss has only 350 miles on it

Sources for evaluating motorcycles are on the valuations page. Ed.

Mon Jul 03 2006
EZ Rider Moped Motori Minarelli Motor
1979 EZ Rider
This moped was sold by Montgomery Wards usa and I would like to find any information about it. Do you know who actually made this moped because I am having trouble finding it on the internet?  Thank you.

Thu May 25 2006
Riverside Mojave 175cc  about 1970
I have not started it for 30 years, I've cleaned it up but it won't start. Any help? Is there a service manual available?

Start with the basics. Have you put fresh fuel in it. Have you checked the carbie bowl for crud. Is the spark plug firing? Ed.

Mon May 01 2006
montgomery ward motorcycles
Wards wheeled goods 125cc. S.N. #76
I am looking for any info. about this bike, I think it was made by Benelli. Thank-you
Bangor, Michigan USA
Attached is a picture of the old bike.
Model # FFA-61-14016 D
Serial # 76

Wards Riverside 125 n76.jpg
Wards Riverside 125 n76

Tue Mar 28 2006
bike year
riverside  mophead
if i sent you a pic of this scooter would you try an tell me the year if you would let me know an i will send it

I found it on your site. It is an AV88 just like that on in the pic, It says  they were imported to the US in the fifties. It is orange or bronze like the one in the pic. Motobecaune for montgomeryward. It is in good shape an will turn over, what would it be worth? thanks for all your help,  Dale

Sources for evaluating motorcycles are on the valuations page. Ed.

Tue Mar 21 2006
how to wire genarator
1962-68 benelli  montgomery ward 250
i'm tring to rewire genarator on my benelli. do you have a diagram or a picture or any information on how to rewire it ?

Sun Feb 26 2006
'63 360 Mojave
Can anyone provide gear shift lever or recommend a suitable japanese/Metric substitute?

I'm currently setting it up in a cafe style - nowhere close to original. I'll send a photo in a week or two when I'm a little further ahead. This is the third one of owned. I learned to ride 35+ years ago on a (Wards) Benelli 250 before switching to a 66 BSA lightning in '73 (Which I still own)  and I've always considered them to be good performers.
 Best regards,

I too had a Lightning, from about 1972 to 1975. Rode the wheels off it, great bike. The Benelli is a rhs shift, so it's just possible that it uses the same spline as Ducati singles - quite large, about 1/8th in dia larger than most current Japanese models.

Fri Feb 24 2006
1966 wards 50cc moped-red
I'm trying to locate a picture of this Moped with front leg guards in place.
minneapolis mn

Thu Feb 23 2006
1968 wards riverside 250cc touring
I have a 250cc benelli I need to find out what it is worth, it has 2 miles on it, it's never been started.

Mon Feb 13 2006
Trying to find out what the bike is worth have pictures now but haveing diffcultes sending them 478 miles on the bike, its in good condition. e MAIL ME FOR PICTURES
Spring Hill Tn

Sun Dec 18 2005

Wards Riverside 1968 360.jpg
Wards Riverside 1968 360

Tue Dec 06 2005
Wards Riverside 125cc. Lightweight
I just pick up this bike and I'm looking for places I can get parts.  I need a battery and kick starter pedal assembly, spring, and lever.  I've been looking around on the web and have had a hard time finding sites or places to find such items. This site is the closest to getting help in restoring this bike. Its in great condition, except for minor parts. I'm also looking for a new tube for the front tire.  ANy help would be appreciated.

Try the Parts Resources section of the Benelli Forum. Ed

Wards Riverside 125cc.jpg
Wards Riverside 125cc

Fri Dec 02 2005
1955 MW Scooter
I am looking for a engine and clutch for a 1955 MW scooter. Probably had a Clinton engine.

Montgomery ward 1955 scooter. It is a ank of a machine.  Should have a clinton or continental motor (not sure which)

Sun Sep 18 2005
Bennelli 250 fork rebuild.
Good evening, I'm disassemling the forks on a 1961 Riverside 250. How do the 'inner' fork tubes come off?  I have the bottom bolt out, but I cannot get to the lower seal or the bushings. Is the fork tube just pressed on?
Thanks, Doug.

Thu Aug 18 2005
riverside benelli
Are there datas, test experiences and figures of produced riverside benellis 250 and 360? Is the engine simply based on a bigbored Benelli 175 Sport of 1962?

Thu Aug 11 2005
1950 or 1955 montgomery ward cycle
My brother has a 1950 or 1955 45cc montgomery ward cycle. I think he has had it running recently and would like to know the value of it. If you know.

Wed Aug 03 2005
wards mojave
does anyone have any info on montgomery wards 360cc mojave motorcycles, I think they were 1967 or 68.

Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005
subject: Vespa/Riverside
Email: Brat4u09 at yahooimg
message: Trying to locate motor parts for 1956 Montgomery Ward Riverside Scooter. (Parts or information)

This would possibly be a Vespa Bianchi Orsetto or a Lambretta Li 125. Ed.

Wards Riverside Registry
149 Stanford Ave
Sacramento, CA 95815

Sat, 26 Feb 2005
subject: Riverside 125cc bike
Email: pat00343 at aolimg
message: To ED, I agree about the Bennelli. i Have the parts manual and the building instructions. It is a running bike, just wondering if there are any other people out there that have one?

Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2005
subject: Montgomery Wards Riverside 350
Email: fxwg85bhb at aolimg
message: i have one and was thinking of restoring or selling was looking for a cost of resto est. and a value est.

The bike is missing a gas tank fuel valve and the steering adjuster knob. Other than that it is complete. How much is it worth? And how much would it cost for those items missing?
I Would consider doing brakes and cables , carb rebuild and tune up as well if I could locate parts.
 Any ideas?

Benelli Montgomery Wards Riverside 350.jpg
Benelli Montgomery Wards Riverside 350

April 15, 2003
I happen to come across a1962 montgomery wards riverside I am looking  to sell I was told it's a benelli imported by M.W. It still runs has a heel toe shifter on the right side and is 125cc hope you can help -- larryvonarb at mindspringimg

February 20, 2003
I have a 350 Riverside Benelli that that has been restored ...I'm kind of a neophyte to motorcycles and have a couple of questions....the clutch is very this typical for this type of motorcycle?  Also...the shifting is difficult...I can't seem to find the correct gear there are false neutrals ( someone said there would be in these older type bikes ). I can be on this bike for 20 min. here in Chicago and feel like I've been on it all day.......can the clutch be adjusted to be easier and can the trans be worked on or changed to become smoother...this bike sounds and looks so has the racing body with the short bars, a beautiful green tank and body panels, and new Benelli decals. Any input would be helpful, thanks very much  --  Charles Shotwell - charlesshotwell at

August 7, 2002
HELP!!!! I recently received my grandfather's late 1960s, 125 cc, Riverside (Benelli). It has not run in more than 15 years. I love the bike, but know little about them or any other. Any thoughts about its ability to be salvaged?  --  Craig  --  cmaher at wi.rrimg

August 30, 2002
Hi Craig,
I ran across your ad on a Benelli board. There's a small but neat group about these bikes at:
People there should be able to help you.
And there's another Benelli group, but they are more about the Sei's and Tornados although they do cover other Benellis.
Dave Smith  --  gorn at nokilliimg

October 27, 2002
I have 1967 benelli riverside scrambler 125 for sale in good cond if interested call Kevin 845 227 6687 ny  -- kctagco at

Benelli Montgomery Ward Mojave Metisse 260cc 1968.jpg
Benelli Montgomery Ward Mojave Metisse 260cc 1968

July 26, 2002
I own a 1968 Wards Riverside Mojave 260cc made by Benelli. Styling of Metisse soul of Benelli. These were sold by Montgomery Ward in 1968 and 1969 and possibly in 1967. Both Scrambler and Touring styles were offered in 260cc and 360cc. The Scramblers had vented high pipes, while the touring were low pipes without venting. The Scramblers had enduro tires standard and also a protective under engine plate and the Touring had street tires. Otherwise these 2 style cycles were the same. Also an interesting fact is the 1969 Benelli 650 which has all the same styling and components as the 1968 Wards Mojave (see Cycle magazine cover Feb 1969) these two bikes are identical except the engine size and dual pipes (there maybe others but they are minute compared to the similarities).

There is now a Wards Riverside Yahoo group that can help bring together Wards Scooter, Moped, Mini-bike, and Cycle fans. Go there for more information or email me for more info on Mojaves or other Benelli  -- stingray-x at mchsiimg

July 8, 2002
I am trying to find an outlet for parts for a 1969 Wards Riverside 125cc  (Benelli Cobra). Also any idea as to its value.  I'm not having a lot of luck. Thanks for any help. dpinello at --- Debbie Pinello  --- upcc123 at

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