French Motorcycles

Ydral Motorcycle Engines

A Brief History of the Marque

French engine fitted to many marques including AGF, Bernardet, Cazenave, Daventry, D.S.Malterre, Follis, Gima, Gitane, Hirondelle, Mochet, MR, Ravat and Sterling (Sterva).

Ydral Engines
Models include:

  • L45 (125cc)
  • L45 (128cc)
  • L45 (175cc)
  • L54 (125cc)
  • L49 (175cc)
  • AJ54 (125cc)
  • AJ55 (125cc)
  • AJ55 (175cc)
  • AJ55 Sport (175cc)
  • AJ55 - L49 (175cc)
  • AJ57 (125cc)
  • AJ67
  • H58 (125cc)
  • 250 Ydral
  • Sources: Cycle Memory

    Mon Mar 30 2015
    Mcg428 at gmail.com
    Ydral 125 cc

    I am trying to find a carburetor for a Ydral 125cc from a Mochet. Any help you can offer would be wonderful.

    Thank you,


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