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F.W. Allard built vehicles between 1897 to 1902.
  • The company was based in Coventry and originally produced tubing and bicycles.
  • 1897 The firm first considered a move towards powered machines.
  • 1898 Allard exhibited a motorised tricycle at the Olympia Show.
  • 1899 They produced a car and a De Dion style tricycle fitted with their own 2.25hp engine.
  • 1901 A motorcycle was produced that was built entirely at their own works. The 1.75hp engine was mounted in an aluminium cradle fixed to the frame tubes. The machine was offered in kit form to the trade. Soon the engine was enlarged to 2.hp.
  • 1902 The inclined engine was replaced by a vertical one. During that year the Allard company was acquired by Rex and afterwards marketed by that name.
  • Note: There was an Allard Motor Co producing cars from 1936.

Allard: Clipper 3-Wheeler

A rather bizarre model was the 1953 Allard Clipper that was hoped would cash in on the microcar market. This tiny car with glass fibre body was powered by a rear mounted 346 cc Villiers twin cylinder motorcycle engine and claimed to seat three people abreast with room for two children in an optional dickey seat.

About 20 were made.

Sources: Grace's Guide

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