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Carfield Motorcycles

Carfield of Windmill Lane, Smethwick

  • The company was founded by Messers Carter and Field and produced motorcycles from 1919 to 1927.
  • 1919 The first machines were built using the 269cc Villiers two-stroke engine with simple cycle parts, and with transmission by either direct belt or a chain-driven Albion two-speed gearbox with belt final-drive. Druid forks were used and the fittings were typical of the era.
  • 1922 The twin had gone, but the other capacities continued
  • 1923 A 247cc Villiers replaced the old 269cc engine. Late that year a 147cc Villiers engine was adopted for their most famous model - the Carfield Baby - which pefrormed far better than expected.
  • 1924 The range continued using a two-speed Albion gearbox, and they also tried Blackburne and Bradshaw engines.
  • 1925 The firm went over entirely to Villiers, with several versions of the Baby having 172cc and 247cc engines.
  • 1926 Two of the larger capacity models were produced that year along with a new 292cc sv JAP-engined machine that was also in two versions - both with all-chain drive and three speeds.
  • 1927 Carfield’s final machine was powered by a J.A.P. 2-stroke AZA engine.

Sources: Grace's Guide

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