British Motorcycles

Fowler and Bingham

Fowler and Bingham of Coventry Road, Hay Mills, Birmingham

  • The Wizard was a motorcycle produced in 1914. This model was fitted with the 269cc Villiers engine, Albion two-speed gearbox or fixed gear, belt drive and Druid forks. In this form it was only listed for a few months.
  • The FB were motorcycles produced from 1913 to 1922.
  • 1913 Late that year the company introduced their 411cc two-stroke engine. It had a one-piece crankshaft and a connecting rod with a split plain big-end, a deflector piston and one-piece cylinder and head. The intended lubrication system was to be pressure-fed, but petroil was used on test.
  • 1914 The model was fitted with a 269cc Villiers engine, belt-final drive and Druid forks. For that year only, both single- and two-speed models were listed as the Wizard.
  • The onset of war in 1914 brought production to a close, but the FB name did appear post-war, on the small two-stroke that was available for a few years.
  • 1922 At about this time FB slipped from sight.

Sources: Grace's Guide

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