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Hulbert Bramley Motor Co

Hulbert-Bramley were motorcycles produced between 1904 and 1906, by Frank Hulbert and S. Bramley Moore, at works at 19 Grand Parade, Putney, London.

  • 1903 Both men rode Booth machines in the 1903 ACU (Auto-Cycle Union) 1,000-mile trial and later took over the make, changing the name to Hulbert-Bramley. They produced a range comprising a 2hp ladies' model, 2.75hp and 4.5hp solos and a 3.5 hp forecars, all with Minerva engines.
  • 1905 Only solos were listed for 1905, after which the partnership ceased and no more machines were produced.
  • 1911 Directory lists them as Hulbert Bramley Motor Co (S. W. Dowglass, proprietor), 96 Upper Richmond Road and 118a, Disraeli Road, Putney, London SW and as motor car manufacturers and motor manufacturers.

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