British Motorcycles

Ogston Motor Co

Ogston Motor Co of Victoria Road, Acton.
  • 1914 Produced a motorcycle.
  • This short-lived make was an advanced machine with an 848cc, in-line, four cylinder engine, three-speed gearbox, shaft drive, rear bevel-box and bucket seat. They were very expensive. The firm also produced the Wilkinson TMC for a brief period.
  • 1913-1917 For a list of the models and prices of Cars see the 1917 Red Book. Produced the Deemster.
  • 1913-1917 For a list of the models and prices of Petrol Motors see the 1917 Red Book
  • 1920 The Ogston Motor Co (1918) announced its postal address as Victoria Road and that goods should go to Southfield Road
  • 1923 Deemster light car.
Sources: Grace's Guide

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