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Princeps Autocar Co

November 1902.Image-Im021126MC-Pri1
November 1902.
December 1902.Image-Im021103MC-Princeps1
December 1902.
November 1903.Image-Im031111Mot-Princeps
November 1903.
November 1903.Image-Im031111Mot-Princeps2
November 1903.
Agents for Panhard and Mercedes

Maker of the Hutton light car.

--- Princeps were motorcycles produced between 1903 and 1905 by J. E. Hutton of Northampton.

The choice of belt or chain drive was offered to customers, and the range comprised a 2.25hp single and a 4hp V-twin, plus a forecar.

There was talk of a five-speed gear and free-engine metal-to-metal clutch, but the slump in trade soon put an end to the make.

1906 J. E. Hutton of 81-83 Shaftsbury Avenue, London the proprietor of J. E. Hutton Ltd. Director of Ariel Motors

of Northampton

1903 Sold by J. E. Hutton

Sources: Grace's Guide

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