Excelsior Motorcycles

Bayliss, Thomas and Co

Excelsior Works, Coventry, Warks (now West Midlands).

King's Road, Tyseley, Birmingham. Excelsior Motor Co for the Excelsior Motorcycle

    1874 Company established by John Thomas, T. Bayliss and John Slaughter.

    1894 Exhibited cycles at the Antwerp Exhibition (Bayliss, Thomas and Co).

    1904 Excelsior tricar.

    1910 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition
    Bayliss, Thomas and Co.
    Coventry. Stand No. 39.
    The Excelsior motor-bicycle has done much to uphold the old name during last season, and the new models may be expected to add to its fame. The standard pattern has a variable pulley giving gear variations between about 4 to 1 and 6 to 1, while a new model is introduced having a two speed gear in the back hub. The gear .is of a convenient type, allowing of starting without jacking up the rear wheel, and is therefore particularly well adapted for side car work. Special attention has been paid to the mud-guarding of the front wheel, which latter is mounted in a Druid spring fork. The petrol tank has a capacity of well over a gallon, so the rider need not run dry before he can take in an even two quarts when refilling on the road. In all there are four models—the Tourist, without pedals, the cone clutch free engine type, with pedals, the 3 H.P. two-speed model, and the 2 1/2 H.P. light twin Autolite, with two-speed gear, free engine and footboards. The Autolite reflectors must not be missed.

    1912 Spennell's lists them at Excelsior Works, Stoney Stanton Rd (Tel. 497), Coventry.

    1914 Cycle and Motor Cycle Manufacturers.

    1920 Maker of cars from 1920.

    1922 Sold by Westminster Bridge G. and E. Co.

    There is an image from Yesterdays.NL of a 1937 350cc OHV JAP-engined machine.

Sources: Grace's Guide

Sun Jun 19 2011
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Excelsior 250cc J.A.P. engine
I am searching Bayliss-Thoms 250 cc /J.A.P. engine 1936

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