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    For Puch parts:

    For tires and other parts: Netherlands site:

    Matt Quirk at MotorWest in Milwaukee (

    Bill Murar (

    RBO in Austria (



    John Pfingstag of has scans of the following manuals available:

    * 250 Scrambler 810.94201

    * 250 Early (14.5 hp, but will work for 98% of the 16.5 hp needs) 810.94222

    * 250 Late (square tanker `67-`69) 810.89571/2

    * Compact scooter (early model w/steel front fender) 810.94380

    * Sport MoPed (will also work with 98% of Cheyenne needs) 810.94060/9

    * MoPed 810.94020

    * SR175 810.94211

    * 125 Scooter (Vespa) 788.94331

    * 125 Scooter (Vespa) 788.94493

    * SR125 (radial head chrome-bore 2-stroke) 810.89581

    * SR124 (Gilera) 808.895511

    * 106SS (Gilera) 808.895403/13/23/33



    More books & manuals resources here:


    Hello Puch and Allstate Fans,

    I need a list of engine numbers and the years manufactured for the Puch/Allstate 250cc ‘twingle’ motor. Such as…Emgine No. xxxxxx, Manufactured in 19xx. I need a list like this to verify engine authenticity for competition. I sincerely appreciate any help anyone can give me. Please DO NOT refer me to Matt Quirk as I get no reply from him and he ownes me $13.00 for parts never shipped!!! Someone must have a list of serial numbers or a historical book that may include them. Thank you..




    Does anyone have any used Puch 6 speed transmission parts?


    You can find many of the manuals and the full list of Sears Allstate motorcycle, moped and scooter models at

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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