Aeolus Motorcycles

Aeolus were built by Motor Transport Co of Comeragh Road, London from 1903 to 1905.

1903-1905 Evelyn Hugh Owen designed and built the 492cc machine. The difference between this machine and most others was a shaft drive that incorporated a form of clutch. The machine was short lived - if it actually existed. An illustration of the machine displays a bevel drive which was unlikely to have survived a trip to the corner store.

The Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile has doubts about Owen's claims to have ever manufactured cars, suggesting he may have been a fantasist "in the Walter Mitty mould".

The Aeolus name was trademarked by Bown in 1877. E.H. Owen had no relationship with Bown.

Sources: Henshaw, Graces Guide

March 2022

Graham Clayton writes in Comments, "Edward Hugh Owen claimed to have built cars from 1901 up to the late 1920's, but none were ever seen - maybe the Aeolus was a similar figment of his imagination?"

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