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A Brief History of the Marque

Alba-Werke GmbH, Stettin-Möhringen

The ALBA brand name is derived from the initials of its founder, Albert Baruch.

Built in Germany from 1919 to 1924 using four-stroke 200cc and 250cc engines of their own construction. These engines were used by Teco, Huy, Mazzucchelli and other manufacturers, and were also installed in a three wheeled van.

There was also an Italian marque slightly later in the 1920s, l'Alba.

The following unverified extracts are from the JF archive (please read source notes):

  • "The frame manufacturer was located in München (Bruno Horn GmbH), whereas Alba was located across the country in Möhrin, a suburb of Stettin... on the Baltic"

    "... built and marketed their little machine in 1919 and regularly displayed a model line-up until 1934 at the Münich Motor Show..."

Source: Henshaw, JF

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