Albertus Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Albertus Fahrzeugwerk AG, Achern (Baden), 1922-1924

One of the numerous short-lived manufacturers of the immediate post-WWI era, Albertus machines were powered by the Julius Löwy two-stroke engine which ran on crude oil. It was not a success and in 1924, two years after it began manufacture, production ceased.

It was also marketed under the names Bafag and Befag.

The engine used in the machine is described as the Albertus Schweröl Einbaumotor, a crude-oil engine for for motorcycles and small cars available in 94, 113, 176, 327, 550 and 650cc versions.

Ozebook has an image of a 1922 142cc model here.

Another machine which used the Lowy design was the Almora.

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