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A Brief History of the Marque

Made in Argentina

Please, if anyone has information on this lovely little machine, can you contact us. I've found nothing on the net and nothing in the available literature.

 Thu, 08 Mar 2018
ing.sevazar at gmail.com
Amoretto Golondrina

Hi friends, i found a Amoretto Golondrina in my province, it doesn't have the engine but i found a picture of it engine, it's similar than Zanella 48cc and i have one to use in the Amoretto. Amoretto Motorcycles used sachs televel 98cc and the Golondrina Model with 48cc If you want to know ... I create a Facebook Group of Argentinian motorcycles with Sachs Televel engines, and with the contribution of a lot of people we can find about 70 marques (with pictures) Contact me and i send you the information
Salta Argentina

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Mon Jul 23 2012
Amoretto is argentine
Amoretto golondrina

The image mentioned above denotes Buenos Aires as the country of origin, not Spain.

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