Anglian Motorcycles

Anglian Motor Co

Anglian of Newgate Street, Beccles were motorcycle makers from 1903 to 1912.

1903 Anglian made their debut at the Crystal Palace show. Primitive in design, the machine was powered by a vertically mounted De Dion, Sarolea or MMC 2.75hp engine.

1905 As well as the De Dion, a lighter machine was produced - with a 2.5hp JAP engine. This also had a twin-chain primary drive to give two speeds. At some point in the following years a forecar model was also listed.

1910-1912 Only models fitted with 2.75hp De Dion or JAP engines were available.

The company did not list any models after 1912.

Sources: Graces Guide, Henshaw

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