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Berneg 1958 175cc Twin Fario Gran Turismo. Hans Denzel

Made in Italy 1954-1961

Berneg Construzione Meccaniche
Via Poretane, Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna. Paride Bernardi, Manager

The first model, the Iridea, was displayed at the Milan Show in 1955. The engine is a an OHC vertical twin of 160cc with chain-driven cam, and has alloy heads on a cast iron barrel.

Designed by Alfonso Drusiani, the Fario was introduced in 1957 and is very similar to the first model but has a 175cc engine and came in two versions, the Gran Turismo and Normale. By 1959 a 175 Sport had been added to the range.

Production ceased in 1961.

Sources: Henshaw, motoclubstoricoconti.it, correspondence

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Nome dei costruttori
Berneg 175 Fario
Cenno storico relativo alla marca: Il nome della marca Berneg deriva dalle iniziali del cognome dei costruttori Bernardi e Negroni di Bologna. La sede della fabbrica era situata in via Porrettana e non Porettana. Personalmente ho posseduto all'epoca un Berneg 175 Fario.
Bologna Brief history of the brand: The name comes from the initials of Berneg brand name manufacturers' Bernardi and Negroni of Bologna. The headquarters of the factory was located in Porrettana and not Porettana. Personally I owned at the time a Berneg 175 Fario.

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Berneg 175 Fario
hello, I have one of this of superb and unique bike. I am very proud of this bike.
  Berneg 175 Fario.jpg
Berneg 175 Fario

October 8, 2001
The Berneg Construzione Meccaniche plant was located at Via Poretane in Bologna, a town which housed numerous motorcycle factories and where Ducati seems to be the sole survivor up till now.

The factory originated in 1954 and made parts only for nearly all existing Italian motorcycle manufacturers in those days. From mudguards to petrol tanks, from chain guards to complete frames.

At the end of the fifties plant manager engineer Paride Bernardi wanted to construct a complete motorcycle and in 1959 an eye-catching beautifully designed technically refined vertical chain-driven sohc twin, which produced 11 hp at 8000 rpm, was launched: the 160cc 'Fario' designed by engineer Alfonso Drusiani who also designed for FB/Mondial. In 1960 an enlarged version the 175cc 15 hp 'Fario' Sport became Bernegs top model.

However due to growing malfunctions in daily use, sales soon dropped down to a minimum which caused the company to stop motor bike production in 1961 and in 1962 the remaining stock was sold out.

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Photo: Berneg 175

Berneg 175.jpg
Berneg 175

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