Boyer Motorcycles and Tricycles

Noù Boyer et Cie 30 avenue de la Grande Armée, Paris

Exhibited at the Salon des Tuileries in 1899 tricycles and quadris, and built a bicyclette branded Phebus with chain drive to the rear wheel from an engine mounted behind the seat.

1899 Motor Show, Islington

  • Noù Boyer and Co., Avenue de la Grande Armee, Paris, on Tuesday evening brought one Phebus motor quadricycle into the hall, a neatly built machine with a light air-cooled motor of the De Dion type.

N.B. Bonnet & Guyonnet built a Phebus motorcycle 1907~1910 and possibly as late as 1918. See French Marques (B)

Sources: Bourdache p91. Graces Guide.

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