Hanfland Motorcycles (HFD)

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Curt Hanfland GmbH (Motorradwerk), Berlin W 62, Bayreuther Str. 7

Hanfland Motorcycles had the badge designation HFD, the best known of which was a model with their own 147cc Kurier two-stroke engine. This engine was also used by Bayerische FlugzeugWerke for their Flink motorcycles, so was effectively the first BMW engine.

Hanfland was also the producer of a lightweight Kurier motorcycle which was available with engines of 2 hp until 1925.

1921 Model
1.9 hp
Weight 58 kg.
Rear and tail light are operated with carbide burners.

Curt Hanfland wrote a book on lightweight motorcycles in 1921, "Der Fahrrad Hilfsmotor - seine Konstruktion und Anwendung".

Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice,, et al.

leblohic.v a t
J'ai un moteur HFD
Je pense qui vas sur un vélo moteur flink.
Savez vous où je peux avoir des pièces ?
Trans: I have an HFD motor. I think that goes on a flink motor bike. Do you know where I can get parts?
Le Blohic
Avranches France
    Perhaps someone reading this may have further information. Have you images you can share?

Wed Dec 16 2015
royal_invest at
Hanfland 148 cc
Hello, I write again asking for your informed opinion and evaluation of my Hanfland 148 cc motorcycle. Model -1920s. Manufactured by Kurt Hanfland-1924s  / Kurt Hanfland GmbH, Berlin / . This model is before Courier and Flink. Some people think that this is the father of BMW. He is in very good condition Everything is original. Excuse me please but I really want to know the opinion of experts like you.

Regards from Bulgaria -  Rabotilov Yanko
bulgaria ,gabrovo

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