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Juckes were motorcycles produced from 1902 to 1925 by the Efficient Motor and Engineering Company of East End Works, Bilston Road, Wolverhampton.
  • 1902 Already producing marine engines, road engines and gearboxes, the company built their first motorcycle that year.
  • Thus they continued in a very small way until the 1920s, when they went into proper production and built a range powered by their own two-stroke engines. The most basic model had direct-belt drive, but was also offered with a four-speed gearbox and chain-cum-belt drive. There was also the option of a slightly larger engine and a machine could be lightened and tuned. All were well made and well finished.
  • 1923 This was the best year for the company as over 400 machines were sold,
  • 1924 A model fitted with a 349cc ohv engine appeared. It had all-chain drive and a four-speed gearbox. There were two-strokes, one of 277cc with belt drive, the other bored out to 293cc with chain drive, and both could have two, three or four speeds. All the models were smartly finished in black and gold.
  • 1925 The four-stroke was offered in either sv or ohv form, plus the 277cc two-stroke. All had chain drive, a four-speed gearbox and bracing tubes on each side of the frame. Unfortunately the company then found itself in financial trouble and so the marque came to an untimely end.
Sources: Graces Guide

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