New Ryder Cycle Co

New Ryder motorcycles were produced from 1914 to 1919, firstly in Corporation Street and then in Belmont Row, Birmingham.

Between 1914 and 1916 the range ramained virtually unaltered. These were early two-stroke machines that were typical of the era, fitted with 269cc Villiers engines and a choice of Amac or Senspray carburettor. There were also several options for the transmission. Other models included a Semi-TT and a ladies' version.

There was a brief appearance in 1919, with the choice of single or two-speed models.

Engine - 2½ h.p. two-stroke Villiers, 269 c.c.
Iqnition - U.H. magneto, chain-driven.
Carburetter - Amac or Senspray.
Change Speed - Two-speed in counter-shaft or Armstrong threespeed hub.
Transmission - Chain and belt or Dunlop belt only.
Dimensions - Height of saddle from ground, 29 in. Ground clearance, 7in. Wheelbase, 55in.
Lubrication - Oil mixed with petrol.
Other Features - Saxon or Druid forks. Hutchinson tyres 26x2.
Price - Fixed gear, £26 5s. Two-speed, £32 5s, Three-speed, £36.
Other Models - Semi T. T. and lady's machine.

New Ryder Co., Corporation Street, Birmingham.

British Lightweights, 1914

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