Princeps Autocar Co

Princeps motorcycles were produced between 1903 and 1905 by J. E. Hutton of Northampton, agents for Panhard and Mercedes.

The choice of belt or chain drive was offered to customers, and the range comprised a 2¼ hp single and a 4hp V-twin, plus a forecar.

There was talk of a five-speed gear and free-engine metal-to-metal clutch, but the slump in trade soon put an end to the make.

It is very likely that Hutton's Princeps based on the Werner, and a comparison of images of the two marques lends considerable credence to this.

This page indicates that the brothers E.H. and Frank Hadfield Arnott worked on the developing the Princeps at Hutton in 1902: Arnott

In 1906 the address for J. E. Hutton was 81-83 Shaftsbury Avenue, London. After the firm's closure he went on to become the director of Ariel Motors Sources: Graces Guide, et al.

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