British Motorcycles


The Rip Motor Cycle Company based at 14, Leytonstone Road Stratford, London, produced motorcycles between 1906 and 1907.

The company listed 3½ hp, 4hp, and 6hp models with side valve engines and belt drive. Later models were fitted with leading-link front forks and pivoted-fork rear suspension, and a quite unusual front brake. Engines were from Peugeot, both singles and V-twins.

The marque was short lived.

The Rip Motor Cycle Co.

...present a variety of models, among them a very moderate-priced machine. It is short wheelbased, is built low and light, and well got up for the money, and the engine is a 3 h.p. Peugeot. As our readers are aware, the chief feature of these machines is the springing, particular attention being paid to the rider's comfort. A handy fitting supplied with certain of these machines is a circular tin box attached to the near side back fork for carrying a spare belt, while another similar but smaller box is fastened to the front forks for the safe storage of a spare tube. These are small details, but they count for much to the observant rider.

The Motor Cycle, 1907

Sources: Graces Guide, The Motor Cycle, period literature.

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