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    November 24, 2002

    For new parts contact Three-Cross Motorcycles. 01202 810108 for general sales, Cagiva parts are avalible on 01202 810116

    They are a good company though must admit it can be difficult to get them to answer the phone.

    The biggest problem you will find is that Cagiva is being bought out by Gilera and are a bit slow because of this fact. I have been assured that once everything is in place everything will pick up

    For second hand parts I cannot help though am after head bearings and rear callipers for my Canyon 500 — Mike HJ — Parts at



    there is also Rob at Mito Mondo – fantastic guy offers next day delivery in UK 01425 650034

    his email is

    You are better ringing him coz he takes 4eva to reply to emails.

    His prices include VAT and postal.

    Hope this helps y’all.




    A member wrote:

    got a cagiva freccia, had problems with parts, the guy who really helped was rob at mito notch guy who can get most things. you can have a llok at his website and order from that.

    Another member recommended these people in Italy:

    The company is based in Varese and must have pretty good access to the Cagiva factory.

    website address which can be read in english

    Try also

    25 Euros shipping makes small parts expensive

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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