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    Enzo Secondo

    From 1947 through 1953 the “Francesco Raviolo” Motorclub in Pinerolo (Italy) held an annual regularity run called “Gran Circuito del Sestriere”.The event grew from the initial

    social gathering to a fully-fledged Italian National RegularityChampionship eventover 280 km of mountain roads rising from Pinerolo to Sestriere ( hub of the 2006 Winter Olympic games), 2035 mt above sea level.The “Gran Circuito” was run by several different categories of motorbikes and scooters from 50cc to over 500cc, and prizes were awarded to individual

    competitors, Club Teams and Manufacturers’ Teams.

    We, the Vespa Club of Pinerolo, have hosted several re-runs of this Classic venue, exclusively for Vespa scooters. We have been repeatedly contacted by several Classic and Vintage Motorcycle

    Clubs and Registers, asking us to open the event to all motorbikes, as in the forties and fifties.

    So here we are.

    If you have a a Vintage or Classic bike in the following categories:

    “Eroica” : makes/models which ran the original race or any pre-1947 bike

    “Storica”: 1954 -1964

    “Classica”: up to 1970 and are interested in a 2-day venue in the Italian Alps (19th and 20th

    July 2014), keep an eye on our site (

    If regularity events, Time Checks, Special Stages and stop-watches are not “your thing”, well, you can still run the course of the 2014 “Gran Circuito del Sestriere” in the Touring Class, with

    only a limited number of Stamp Checks and no further hassle.

    Our site will soon have all relevant information on logistics,rules , regulations and registration fees in English. Ciao for now.




    I’ve posted this to our Facebook page:

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