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    Tue Nov 20 2012


    Jawa collection to sell

    Jawa collection to sell Jawa 250 and Jawa 250

    I have in my collection Jawa 250 year 1953 for 7 900 Eur and also Jawa 350 year 1953 for 8 100 Eur, both completely renovated.

    As i am a collector of Jawa motorcycles, i own around 60 more models, if you will be interested, i can send you all my list.




    Thu Feb 23 2012


    Sell collection of Czechoslovak Motorcycles 60 pieces

    I own an unique collection of 60 Czechoslovak motorcycles (Jawa, CZ, Ogar, Praga, Premier, Manet, Stadion) and i would be interested to sell the whole collection as a package. Total price 360 000 Eur.

    If you will be interested, please contact me on my email: dusan.kynera@gmail.com and i will send you detailed information and photos.


    thank you for your email.

    It took me about 20 years to complete the whole series of Jawa and CZ. Then also the motorcycle Praha 500 and Praha 350 and many other motorcycles from the czech production Ogar Manet, etc.

    The compleate collection represents aprox. 60 motorcycles, which includes more than 20 motorcycles entirely renovated by professional, and the others are in the finding condition – in the good or worst condition. The renovations were made by

    a 20 years experienced professional, who works also for the National Technic Museum of Prague.

    Please find attached some of the photos from my collection.

    I am interested to sell all the collection as a package or one by one.

    1. JAWA 175 Viliers, year 1933

    2. JAWA 175 lidová – 1 seat, year 1934

    3. JAWA 175 lidová – 2 seat, year.1937

    4. JAWA 175 standart speciál, year 1938

    5. JAWA 175 speciál – 1 seat, year. 1938

    6. JAWA 175 speciál – 2 seat, year 1937

    7. JAWA 250 speciál, year 1937


    Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

    Best regards,

    Dusan Kynera

    More images in the Jawa Gallery



    any info on jawa 1963 model 05 machine #532930,chopper 49cc, 3hp/6000rpm



    test reply

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