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    Thu Jan 03 2013
    1930 V3 Matchless
    Matchless V3 OHV
    Hello, I have a friend who is looking at selling his 1930 Matchless V3, It is in very good – Excellent condition and I was wondering if you could guide me in offering a fair price to purchase it. After a lot of research I have not been able to find a lot of information on this bike. We believe it is 1 of only 3 known to exist, but apart from that, we don't really know much more. any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    This page will get you started on your search for valuation – it has links to numerous vintage and classic guides and auction sites:

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    The V3 isn't that common in Australia but there are certainly more than three of them out here and several examples exist of the the whole V series, the initial Model V of 1927, the V2 of 1928 & 29 (identical mechanicals but different frames for each year) plus the V3.

    Matchless continued using that basic 85.5×85.5 ohv engine for other models until the late 30's.

    Values vary enormously according to condition and are almost always less than the same bike in bigger markets like Europe. Most bikes are not remotely in anything more than reasonable running condition, only the museum quality bikes realise the big money.

    Information on the V3 is plentiful, copies of the Riders Handbook and the Spare Parts List are available from the VMCC Library. Once you understand the Matchless spare parts numbering system you realise how many parts are common across their range which makes replacement that much easier.

    I'm very familiar with Matchless, my call sign, 33D6, relates to my 1933 350 ohv D series Matchless. If you put up a photo of the bike in question I can probably tell you a fair bit about it.

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