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    Sat Nov 24 2012
    Matchless voltage
    1964 Matchless 500 Single G 3 lower end and G80 upper
    I am rebuilding a 1964 Matchless 500 single (with coil and points. The lower crankcase is a G3 Please tell me if this model and year is 6 volt or 12 volt. thank you very much!
    Abilene, Tx

    G3 Matchless is 6V. Ed.
    More information under Electrics

    Thank you so much. Will a 12 volt battery hurt the bike if I change the light bulbs since it doesn't have a starter? Can I use automatic trans. fluid in the forks or is it too thin?

    Attached is a picture of the bike. Can you tell me if it was common to have the G3 with a 500 cc cylinder and did it come from th[attachment=6:Matchless_1964_G3_TX.JPG]e factory that way or was the clyinder changed from a 350 cc to 500 cc later? Also, will the Norton Roadholder fork tubes fit this one?

    I also have a G 80 basket case ( the piston has the dome top), date unknown, that I am going to start rebuilding as soon as I finish this one. (I had a 1951 Matchless 500 single when I was a teenager so I have fond memories. I also have a 1957
    Royal Enfield 500 cc scrambler that i rebuilt some years ago. I do like the old British bikes!


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