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    I have 57 TWN Cornet with a 197cc 2 stroke split single, 12v w/electric start. I picked it up about a year ago and now finally got her running. I am not well knowleged with the split single or two strokes and am wondering if anyone can help me out with the following questions:

    1. what should the fuel mixture be?

    I started out with 32:1 and it smokes really bad out of the exhaust. I am talking about a very large amount of blue smoke. The cylinder is very warm after a few mins of running and when I remove the spark plug unburned oil comes out. This all leads me to increase the fuel but am very cautious as I do not want to do any damage. Additionally, I am concerned that the large amount of smoke may be due to another issue. The bike sat for about 30 years and I believe there may have been fuel in cylinder when it was parked.

    2. besides incorrect fuel mixture, is there any other issue that would make it smoke like a chimney?



    It may be that the main bearing seals have gone hard and are admitting gearbox oil to the mixing chamber. It could also be due to overly rich mixture.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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