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1934 BMW R11

This machine was brought to the USA from Holland in 1995. The owner says are many parts on the bike which are original and many which are from the subsequent 1930s R12 model - but all parts are pre-war.

Here are the notes from the inspection.

The bike has been cleaned up and worked on but not restored. I just had a professional vintage BMW restorer re-wire the bike with correct cloth wiring. This is why in the side photo you will notice the wire wrapped up in a spool so there is extra to connect to the Bosch horn. Some people say that the horn should be mounted above the handlebars and some say where it is depending on the year so there is simply extra wire rolled up to connect in either place.

It Runs, but will need either a total restoration or make the brakes and other mechanical necessities work better and ride it as is, or use it for parts for another restoration.

... was told that the engine was rebuilt but I have no way of knowing because since it runs, I dont want to tear it down to verify it.

Cylinders and heads are restored R12.

Complete and working period SUM CKF carburetor

Complete and working Bosch JN5 magneto, but needs a better distributor cap because the one on it has a crack in it

Correct, rare original Bosch working tail light with original hardware and lens

Rare and early correct Bosch headlight with lens and nearly impossible to find correct handlebar switch

Complete and working, original Bosch handlebar mounted kill switch

Complete, restored, early speedometer with cable

The wheels/rims/spokes are restored with new Continental tires

Foot boards are correct reproductions as well as the exhaust

Original Drillastic seat with good springs and mounting bracket There is some cover plate on the back of the engine which has the Buick logo embossed in it.

The pin striping was just for the photos, it is tape, not paint, and only made to give an idea of what it would look like...

1934 BMW R11/R12. More images in the archives for anyone who needs them. Send email.

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