Brough Superior Motorcycles

1922 Brough Superior SS80 'Old Bill'

Estimate: (£) 250,000 - 270,000

Reg Number:FR 3925
Frame Number:N/A
Engine Number:KTRE9069
Body Colour:Black
MOT ExpiryDate:None
The motorcycle was built in 1922 by the Brough factory for the personal use of George Brough, founder of Brough Superior Motorcycles. Featuring a 1000cc side valve 'V' twin engine it was first used at Brooklands in 1922 and nicknamed 'Spit and Polish' due to it's immaculate appearance. It was at this event that George Brough won the 5 lap expert's race, his first win. Later that day George crashed due to a burst front tyre and promised his family on leaving hospital that he would not race again. Afterwards he argued that sprinting and hill climbing was not racing and the damaged bike was rebuilt as a sprint machine using special forks and a prototype engine specially developed at the JAP factory.

The machine was re-named 'Old Bill' by George himself after Bruce Barnsfather's cartoon character from World War One. The bike with George in the saddle won 51 sprint events in 1922/3 and in the 52nd at Clipstone in Nottinghamshire both bike and rider crossed the finish line making fastest time of the day but they were not together. Due to yet another burst tyre at more than 90mph George again crashed and suffered severe injuries which kept him in hospital for many weeks. During this time 'Old Bill' was repaired, converted to road trim and sold to help pay the wages whilst George recovered.

The bike was used on the road by one or two owners until World War Two when it suffered some damage again in London during the Blitz. A cast iron bath fell through the ceiling where it was stored and damaged the petrol tank. It was then taken to a safer place for storage until being offered in the late fifties to "Titch" Allen, founder of the VMCC and a well known Brough enthusiast. With the help of George Brough and the original engineer Ike Webb the bike was restored to its 1923 condition. It was running well again by 1959 when at a historic and t