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DKW 125cc Sachs Hercules c1970 front end

The owner wrties: Have just acquired what I assumed to be a restored DKW Enduro – recently imported from California – believe it was built somewhere between 1969 & 1972. The engine # is: 9015368 and frame # on the headstock is 427004170. One German DKW club that I contacted said it wasn't a DKW but possibly could have been manufactured by Zweirad-Union. Another source said that in all probability it is a DKW Hercules K125GS imported into the US between 1970-71 with a Sachs 5 speed engine & DKW ignition. On that basis I am now trying to source some DKW / Hercules / Sachs badges or decals appropriate to the model. Any assistance you can offer would be most appreciated.