Moto Morini Motorcycles

Moto Morini 1956 GT

The Moto Morini enterprise was founded during 1937 by Alfonso Morini, a former partner in the successful MM concern. Although his desire was to produce motorcycles bearing his name, Morini initially concentrated on the production of light three wheeled commercial vehicles and following Italy's entry into the Second World War manufactured aircraft components. With the end of hostilities Morini was finally able to introduce a motorcycle of his manufacture, which was announced in 1946. The new machine drew its inspiration from the pre-war DKW RT series and layed the foundations for Moto Morini's success as a manufacturer of road machines and in racing. It was followed in 1952 by a 175cc four stroke single featuring overhead valve operation and a four speed gearbox built in unit with the engine with a typically Italian deep sump. Housed in a frame equipped with telescopic front forks and a pivoted fork rear end the new model reflected contemporary Italian styling and proved to be a steady source of income for the company, it also provided the basis for a series of increasingly quick derivatives that culminated in the Settebello.
This example of the GT variant was built in 1956 and has been restored to a high standard throughout. It is attractively finished in red and black and is equipped with ventilated drum brakes, alloy rims and dropped handlebars.

Courtesy H&H Classic Auctions