The Unapproachable Norton

1948 Norton International

Estimate: (£) 20,000 - 24,000
Reg Number:554 XUK
Frame Number:19195
Engine Number:19195
Body Colour:Silver / Black
MOT ExpiryDate:None
1930 had not been a spectacular year for the Bracebridge concern, their model range was still firmly rooted in the twenties, however, the overhead camshaft models conceived by Walter Moore had been scrutinised by the newly installed chief designer, John Carroll, who undertook a complete redesign and by the time of the Ulster Grand Prix the new machines were meeting with considerable success. Although a few machines fitted with the new engine are believed to have emerged from the factory for purchase by individuals towards the end of 1930, it was not until 1931 that the new engine became officially available replacing the Moore engines in the CS1 and CJ models. These were joined in 1932 by a pair of machines intended primarily for competition, equipped with a racing magneto, four speed gearbox, tuned engine and quick action filler caps typed the Model 40 and Model 30 for the 350cc and 490cc versions respectively and named the "International". Although conceived as racing machines a mag-dyno enabling a lighting set to be fitted and a silencer were offered as options. The new machines quickly established themselves as one of the most desirable machines available for sporting riders and, with development, would continue to head Norton's road range into the fifties.

The post war example offered, dating from 1948 is believed to have been despatched to Argentina. It was then exported to Australia before being repatriated. It was purchased by the previous owner from Verralls before being purchased by the vendor who undertook a meticulous restoration that has resulted in it being presented to the highest possible standard. The vendor describes the machine as being to a "concours" standard cosmetically and excellent mechanically. It is offered with a Swansea V5C and a VMCC dating certificate.

Courtesy H&H Classic Auctions