German Motorcycles

1936 NSU TS601 with Royal sidecar

1936 NSU 600cc w/Royal sidecar
Well made German bike with unusual design features. Single cylinder model TS601. Uses magneto to run, but can have battery for lights. This can be located either in the left toolbox, or the sidecar trunk. Sidecar is a Royal and appropriate for the bike. Rack on sidecar trunk can fold back and support lid to provide a place for another seat if desired. Rear bike seat is removable by release lever. Running when parked. [a year ago] But I have not started nor driven it; [it takes a sound kick that I do not have]. But -tank and carb were drained. Parts can be ordered from Germany via internet. Comes with manual and has clear title papers in my name. Pre-war bikes often had no speedometers, so actual miles are unknown.

Image courtesy Equinox Photographic