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1928 Sunbeam Model 8

1928 Sunbeam Model 8

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Estimate: (£) 7,000 - 8,000

Reg Number:TX 5304
Frame Number:C1281
Engine Number:K1288
Body Colour:Black
MOT ExpiryDate:None
Sunbeam: a model for gents. Or more correctly ''The Gentleman's Motorcycle'', a phrase for some, which will forever mean only Sunbeam. Well at least the ''Marston Sunbeams'', i.e. those produced to the standards employed by the eponymous John himself before 1943. After this there were to be no more Marstons and under the ownership of the British Small Arms Co. it was all downhill for Sunbeam. Short Arms would have been more appropriate, as they would never reach deep enough into pockets to commit enough funds for the development of new Sunbeam models. The overblown S7, slightly better S8 and abysmal scooters to which the illustrious name was applied finally put paid to the marque in the mid 60's. The sun was about to rise over Japan, and set very shortly over the West Midlands and the GBMI.

This lovely, proper Sunbeam was born long before all this and TX 5304 displays all the traits which gave the name its lustre, still attractive to the discerning enthusiast today. Dating from 1928, and thus benefitting from JM's Victorian standards of engineering quality and workmanship, this Model 8 350cc. single cylinder motorcycle (definitely not to be referred to as a 'bike') is seemingly very original and in sound condition. It was owned by Maurice Walker, the VMCC secretary between 1947 and 1950, and a founder member of the club. Only awaiting a new gentleman motorcyclist (definitely not to be referred to as a 'biker') to own, re-commission and cherish it in the future, perhaps being ideal for The Banbury and other Vintage Club events. It is accompanied by a Swansea V5 together with a copy of the 1928 sales brochure, photographs of the machine, one of which dates from 1946 showing Maurice Walker astride the machine and correspondence pertaining to it in particular and vintage Sunbeams in general.
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